"The Voice of a Child"

"Mum can you sit with me and talk?". "Yes" was my answer to our young son. "What would you like to talk about?" Oh anything" he says. And so our conversation began.

We decided to sit in front of the the new pond that had just been built at the cafe. It has a lovely flowing waterfall and is filled with fish and plants. We had asked to have a special frog habitat built into the top of the pond to house the many frogs we had seen during our gardening. "Lets talk about what we see" I suggested. "Ok mum".

Just as we started talking we heard the croak of a frog and just laughed together.

It was from that moment on that we made up all these stories about frogs, before we knew it our Frog had been named Fipa and his journey had begun on our property at Cargo.

We have since developed a children's activity book and written a childs story book about the adventures of Fipa.

Before we knew it Fipa and his 5 friends had evolved and are now Trade Marked as Fipas World.

More to come through out the blogs on this beautiful childs story.