Bike Hire

At Bissys Cafe, we can help you discover the best of Orange. Hire a bike from the Cafe, and enjoy a ride around some of Orange’s beautiful parks, cruise along our suburban streets, and enjoy the colourful residential gardens and wildlife. Tandem bikes are available too, so you can share the experience with a loved one! There is always something different and beautiful to see, take pictures of, and tell your friends about.

From your bike, some places of interest that you may wish to check out include: 

  1. Cook Park located in Summer Street.
  2. Botanic Gardens – located in North Orange offering fantastic views of a garden maintained by local volunteers.
  3. Bloomfield Park – situated in South Orange, this trail navigates Oranges new Health Service, and offers picturesque scenery of native and bird life.
  4. Gosling Creek Reserve – offers a shared cycle/pedestrian fairway along one of Orange’s beautiful waterways.
  5. The Pinnacle Reserve – whilst riding on the southern side of Pinnacle Road, experience the serenity of tall gum trees, and colourful landscapes. There are also picnic stops (toilets) and bar-be-que amenities.
  6. Mount Canobolas – striking views of rich local fruit growers, scenic views of meandering hillsides, and water features. There are numerous bike trails leading off into different directions, which lead to breathtaking views.
  7. Lake Canobolas Reserve – a scenic lake which is surrounded by fruit growers, wineries and native habitats.
  8. Heritage Trail – view some of the places of historical interest and the older buildings of Orange dating back to the late 1800’s.

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