Kirstin (known as Bissy) Rossiter's love of home cooking and healthy food inspired her to establish Bissys Cafe in Mudgee. Her belief in healthy lifestyle choices guaranteed her success in a town which was founded on farming, fresh produce and a wholesome lifestyle. Building on Kirsten's success with the cafe in Mudgee, her parents, Paul and Fiona Rossiter, opened Bissys Cafe in Orange to provide a unique and special place for individuals, couples, children, families, groups and visitors to catch up or relax and watch the world go by.

Paul and Fiona wanted to attract interest in permaculture, within the realms and practicality of providing food, activities and fun activities to encourage healthy lifestyles choices for everyone. Their desire for others to have good experiences stems from their own story, with real life people and adventures. Bissys Cafe Orange offers a whole range of family events and activities at reasonable costs, making them easily accessible.

  1. Bissys Cafe Orange is the place where you, your family, friends and visitors can gather for:
  2. Tantalizing, wholesome and nutritious home cooked food, and hot and cold beverages.
  3. Bike Hire (including helmet and basic gear) for a few hours, or longer. Enjoy a ride around some of Orange’s beautiful parks, cruise along our suburban streets and enjoy the colourful residential gardens and wildlife. Tandem available too. *
  4. Food hampers to go with your bike hire - have a picnic in a park, or gift a hamper for that someone who is hard to pick for, made up to your special requirements.
  5. GIfts - new hats, toys, activity packs and bags as well as recycled pre-loved goods and framed artwork, very reasonably priced at Bissys Emporium.
  6. Meetings and small events. Bissys has a venue room, ideal for around 30 people - for crafts and sports groups, book launches, family parties and business meetings.
  7. Gymbaroo - children have fun and their parents have some quality time with them to develop their capacity before starting school. Bissys qualified teachers provide activities which involve a wide range of movement experiences for the children including massage, exercise, dancing, singing, rhythm activities and much more, using specially designed and constructed equipment unique to Gymbaroo. Parents learn about neurological development, the importance of activities in early childhood and impact on their children's achievement at school and in life. Children, parents and teachers have a positive experience of learning together.
  8. Fipa’s World is the brain child of Fiona and Paul Rossiter, together with their family, in creating something unique to Orange. It is a peaceful and mystical place where children can lose themselves in the wonder of nature while learning about Mother Nature’s well kept secrets.